Thunderbird is an open source email client developed by Mozilla Foundation. Version 1.0 of the email client was released on 7th December, 2004. Mozilla modeled their email client after their browser and users can attest to their similarities. It had more than 1 million downloads within the first week of its launch and still enjoys a massive fan base till date. Thunderbird comes bundled with essential features such as quick search, RSS feed reader and spam filter. The email client is actively maintained by Mozilla and aims to be the top email client. It is available on all major platforms and integrates easily with major email service providers. Its features a simplified setup wizard that guides users with non-technical skills on how to securely configure the email client.

Thunderbird seeks to improve its user’s protection through junk protection. Junk protection protects users from phishing and infected attachments. Junk mail tools are constantly improved to ensure users are a step ahead from hackers. The inbuilt anti-phishing features uses a collective analysis methods to protect the users from junk mail which can compromise security of the emails. Mozilla aims at giving users the best email experience and included key features such as:


– Tabbed email – Tabs help users to conveniently navigate through their open emails. Instead of constantly opening and closing emails, users can open each email in their own tab. This helps users open multiple emails in their individual tabs and seamlessly navigate through them.
– Quick search – Users can search effortlessly through their emails thanks to the email client’s quick search tools. Searching through the emails has been a painfully slow process for those with tons of emails.

– Message management – Thunderbird supports multiple profiles within the application with news feed support and can manage multiple emails.

– Extensions and themes – Extensions help improve the functionality of the email client. Users can find extensions from Mozilla’s add-an store. Themes change the overall look of Thunderbird and make it more appealing for the user.

– Smart folders – Smart folders help organize emails according to their categories which makes access to the emails easier. Users can add markers to the emails and they will be sorted into folders.

– Multiple protocol support – Email protocols such as IMAP and POP are supported. LDAP (Light Directory Address Protocol) is also supported which is important for the transmission of emails through Intranet and the Internet. The in-built RSS reader uses a simple news aggregator to read news articles. The Installation wizard makes it easy to configure the protocols and access your emails.