Opera Mail

Opera Mail client, formerly known as M2, is a sleek and flexible interface, developed by the Opera Software to meet most of your email needs. For so long, the Opera Mail which is an email and news client has been a component of the Opera Web browser version 2 through 12. It was until the release of Opera 15 in 2013 that each became a separate product.

Opera Mail works a bit differently when compared to other email clients. It stores your messages in one database, where they are indexed and filtered automatically into a series of Views. Since it doesn’t save your emails into separate folders, it makes it easy and fast to access your messages. For instance, if someone sends you an email with an attachment, it will appear in the Mailing list and the Attachment view. And through its user-friendly tabbed interface, you are able to open your messages and even look back over a series of emails.

Opera Mail client can be used across many email services that support POP or IMAP. Such platforms include Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL Mail, and MobileMe among others. Once you have downloaded this mail client, you can set it up in two ways. With the help of a straightforward wizard, you can import accounts from Thunderbird, Opera, Eudora and Outlook Express into the Opera Mail. The other way is by creating an account manually where you specify server details, login information, etc. And after you are done configuring, you can begin to send and receive messages.


This email client integrates a rich feature set including, a messaging template that allows for email labeling, filtering, and sorting; by type, date, sender and other customization options. The mail tabs enable you to access and open several emails at a go and allow for easy navigation between them. Opera Mail client also features threads that help you organize your email box, making it easy to view previous emails in the conversation.

With the labels, another of its features, you can make simple sorting rules for easy access to your messages. You will also get the Atom and RSS feed that provides you with automatic notifications of updates for your favorite websites. The Opera Mail makes it possible to import these feeds, thus eliminating the need for web apps like Google Reader and Feedly.

In conclusion, the Opera Mail is available for both Windows and OS X. It’s pretty straightforward to use but just in case you need more help, Opera Mail by default, sends a “Welcome to Opera Mail” email with useful links to support pages and various tutorials.