Mailbird Lite Review

When it comes to email software, there are quite a number available in the market with one of the most notable being Mailbird. The following review will help shed more light on this software, its features, capabilities and most importantly, it’s scaled down version: Mailbird light

What is Mailbird?

This software can be described as an email software specifically created to operate within the windows platform. It is compatible with some of the latest versions of windows such as Windows and can support different types of email accounts: such as IMAP and POP3

What is the main difference between Mailbird and Mailbird Lite?

These 2 software are one and the same but with one major difference, the Mailbird is a fully paid and licensed version of this software while the Lite version is a free version for those who might not be interested in a fully purchased version of the software

The free: Lite, version usually starts off with a free 30 day trial period during which an individual enjoys the full features of this software without any payment. After the 30-day trial period elapses, one is given the option of upgrading to Mailbird Pro so as to continue using the full version of the software.

If the software is not upgraded after the 30-day free trial period, it is usually downgraded to the Lite version which has limited functionality when compared to the Free or Pro version

With Mailbird Lite, you have the capacity to manage Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and iCloud accounts as well as IMAP and POP3 enabled accounts. However, one can only use 3 email accounts with the Lite version and some of the features available in the Pro and Free versions are not available with the Lite version


Some of the features available with Mailbird include

· Multi-account support including both IMAP and POP3 account support

· Integrated messaging applications that makes sending and receiving emails and other forms of communications more easier

· Task management apps that have been built-in within the software

· Integrated calendar based applications for organization and planning

· Personalization features that give individuals the capacity to personalize the app appearance and layout as per their preference

· Advanced touch support in the event one is using a touch device

· High security feature which includes email encryption

· Connection to social media platforms and instant access

· Excellent customer care support

Mailbird is considered as one of the best mail apps available in the market and as such, comes highly recommended