How to export email and contacts, with Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail may require re-installation or hardware switching at any point in time. So, it’s always great to export all the data and re-import the same to ensure no important emails or data gets deleted or lost. This task is known as the backup and restore. Adding email accounts to Windows Live will lead to the automatic saving of messages and syncing when the account is re-added. So, if wondering how to import and export contacts, emails, and calendars with Windows Live Mail, here is a simple process.

Some things to remember:

When exporting mail, begin by creating a new folder in your preferred location, as this is where the messages will be exported.
Backing up calendar items is not allowed, but signing with a Windows Live ID can help with calendar syncing.
Signing in with Windows Live ID will lead to automatic syncing of contacts; not signing will require manually undertaking the same.
With a POP3 account, see the Advanced tab confirm if messages have been deleted from the server. If planning to remove this account, you must manually export and re-import the messages.
When importing multiple contacts, use .csv and not .vcf, as the latter seems more cumbersome.

How to export email messages on Windows Live

Open Windows Live Mail and search for Mail in the list, click Live Mail.
Open File menu on the upper-left corner and click Export mail, after which choose email messages
Choose Microsoft Windows Live , as export format and now click on next
Click browse and open the folder where you wish to store messages, first check that the folder is empty and now click Next
Now choose folders you wish to export and click next, after getting a success message, click Finish.

How to export contacts on Windows Live

Open Windows Live mail and select Contacts on the lower left corner
Next, click Export on the ribbon.
Next, choose the file format in the drop down menu. For multiple contacts choose .csv and for one or two contacts, choose .vcf.
Browse the folder where contacts will be saved
Save the file by a new name
Click Next and select everything you wish to export
Conclude by clicking Finish.

The above two processes will help you in exporting contacts and messages on Windows Live, to help you refer and use these anytime later.

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