eM Client

Windows users have the advantage of a wide selection of software they can use on their computers. The different software available work differently or in a related manner for a specific need. However, there might be a time you will need to check on your preferences before you choose the software to use on your computer. In this article, I will talk about the eM Client, an email client for your Windows computer.

What is eM Client?
This is a computer application that brings the power of email to your computer in a more intuitive manner. It helps you to manage all your email accounts in one place. Apart from email, the application also supports other services like contacts management, tasks, and calendar. The software also incorporates the power of live chat to compliment the use of email.

This single software is designed to bring you all the power of many mail and chat clients in one place. It supports all the major email systems. The email providers supported by this client include Gmail, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Smartermail, among others.

eM Client Features:
The power of all your email needs in one single software does not just end there. There are many attractive features that will help you get going and offer you proper mail management on your PC. Some of these features include:

1. Conversation View:
When you want to easily find an email you sent or received on a given date, it sometimes becomes a tedious task if you usually send out email heavily. With the conversation view, it is much simpler. This is because you can manage your messages according to the recipient or contact you had sent your messages.

2. Quick Text:
Sometimes you are in a hurry and want to respond to that email as fast as you can. It might not be as easy as it is supposed to be. However, if you have predefined text to send, it can work great for you. The quick text feature allows you to create text snippets you can easily insert into the email text body field by pressing a single button. This works great for conversations that may involve FAQs.

3. Delayed Sending:
This feature allows you to set up a specific time and date to send out the email. It is great if you want to send out a promotional email to your subscribers’ list. By the use of this feature, you can be sure that all your email can be sent at the accurate time while you concentrate on other issues.

4. Mail Translation:
Sometimes you might receive an email from a foreign language speaker. It is not easy to handle such emails and to react to their instructions or requests in time. However, with the eM Client, you can easily translate the text by just a single button click. This feature increases efficiency in your workplace.