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Opera Mail

Opera Mail client, formerly known as M2, is a sleek and flexible interface, developed by the Opera Software to meet most of your email needs. For so long, the Opera Mail which is an email and news client has been a component of the Opera Web browser version 2 through 12. It was until the release of Opera 15 in 2013 that each became a separate product.

Opera Mail works a bit differently when compared to other email clients. It stores your messages in one database, where they are indexed and filtered automatically into a series of Views. Since it doesn’t save your emails into separate folders, it makes it easy and fast to access your messages. For instance, if someone sends you an email with an attachment, it will appear in the Mailing list and the Attachment view. And through its user-friendly tabbed interface, you are able to open your messages and even look back over a series of emails.

Opera Mail client can be used across many email services that support POP or IMAP. Such platforms include Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL Mail, and MobileMe among others. Once you have downloaded this mail client, you can set it up in two ways. With the help of a straightforward wizard, you can import accounts from Thunderbird, Opera, Eudora and Outlook Express into the Opera Mail. The other way is by creating an account manually where you specify server details, login information, etc. And after you are done configuring, you can begin to send and receive messages.


This email client integrates a rich feature set including, a messaging template that allows for email labeling, filtering, and sorting; by type, date, sender and other customization options. The mail tabs enable you to access and open several emails at a go and allow for easy navigation between them. Opera Mail client also features threads that help you organize your email box, making it easy to view previous emails in the conversation.

With the labels, another of its features, you can make simple sorting rules for easy access to your messages. You will also get the Atom and RSS feed that provides you with automatic notifications of updates for your favorite websites. The Opera Mail makes it possible to import these feeds, thus eliminating the need for web apps like Google Reader and Feedly.

In conclusion, the Opera Mail is available for both Windows and OS X. It’s pretty straightforward to use but just in case you need more help, Opera Mail by default, sends a “Welcome to Opera Mail” email with useful links to support pages and various tutorials.

Inky Mail Software

If you are looking for an easy to use email client that will work across all your devices, then Inky may be just right for you.

It’s an email client developed by Arcode Inc., USA, with the aim of providing a simplistic platform allowing users view all of their email accounts together on one screen. Inky is available in free, premium and enterprise versions and operates with Windows, Mac OS X and Android. Features like its one-time only setup also makes it the ideal email client for use across all of these three platforms.


Inky allows for easy exchange of encrypted and digitally signed email. It works smoothly with any Microsoft Exchange, IMAP, or POP account such as Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, Gmail and Hotmail.

Use it in 3 easy steps:

1. Download it free on all major platforms. The user will be prompted to create an Inky account and password on the first device. Thereafter, sign in to the same account on all other devices. Everything will sync automatically.

2. After that is done, just enter the username and password for the other preexisting email accounts and they will all be linked together, allowing the user access their email securely from any device without having to set up POP and IMAP settings. Each email account added to Inky comes with a 14-day trial with no limitations.

3. Use its many features to get work done and after 14 days you have the option of purchasing a subscription from the Inky store.

It’s available free for, iCloud users, and email accounts but there’s a low monthly fee for using it with Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 suite, and other IMAP accounts.



Main Features

A few of the many features users can expect include:

– End-to-End Encryption and Digital Signing. All email content is encrypted before leaving the user’s device (one endpoint) and remains encrypted till it arrives at its destination device (the other endpoint). The digitally signed email feature is the same as a digital signature so recipients know the message actually came from who it says in the “From” field.

– Advanced Search. Inky retrieves, analyzes and indexes mail to allow for searching by tags or full-text search and advanced sorting, grouping, and filtering options even when the user is offline.

– Smart Sending. It will greatly reduce the mistake of sending an email to the wrong person. It does this by suggesting people to add to an email if the user mails them frequently from that group. It will also warn users when they are about sending email to someone for the first time just in case it’s a typing mistake.

– Organize Mailboxes. It features smart views and relevance sorting. It quickly organizes emails, sorts through social media updates, daily subscriptions etc., into individual folders such as Personal, Subscriptions, and Attachments.

Overall, Inky is not about giving users a new email address; it’s just offers a better way of keeping things together for fast retrieval and ease of use. It’s an email client guaranteed to save you an enormous amount of time.

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How to export email and contacts, with Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail may require re-installation or hardware switching at any point in time. So, it’s always great to export all the data and re-import the same to ensure no important emails or data gets deleted or lost. This task is known as the backup and restore. Adding email accounts to Windows Live will lead to the automatic saving of messages and syncing when the account is re-added. So, if wondering how to import and export contacts, emails, and calendars with Windows Live Mail, here is a simple process.

Some things to remember:

When exporting mail, begin by creating a new folder in your preferred location, as this is where the messages will be exported.
Backing up calendar items is not allowed, but signing with a Windows Live ID can help with calendar syncing.
Signing in with Windows Live ID will lead to automatic syncing of contacts; not signing will require manually undertaking the same.
With a POP3 account, see the Advanced tab confirm if messages have been deleted from the server. If planning to remove this account, you must manually export and re-import the messages.
When importing multiple contacts, use .csv and not .vcf, as the latter seems more cumbersome.

How to export email messages on Windows Live

Open Windows Live Mail and search for Mail in the list, click Live Mail.
Open File menu on the upper-left corner and click Export mail, after which choose email messages
Choose Microsoft Windows Live , as export format and now click on next
Click browse and open the folder where you wish to store messages, first check that the folder is empty and now click Next
Now choose folders you wish to export and click next, after getting a success message, click Finish.

How to export contacts on Windows Live

Open Windows Live mail and select Contacts on the lower left corner
Next, click Export on the ribbon.
Next, choose the file format in the drop down menu. For multiple contacts choose .csv and for one or two contacts, choose .vcf.
Browse the folder where contacts will be saved
Save the file by a new name
Click Next and select everything you wish to export
Conclude by clicking Finish.

The above two processes will help you in exporting contacts and messages on Windows Live, to help you refer and use these anytime later.

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