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Mailbird Lite Review

When it comes to email software, there are quite a number available in the market with one of the most notable being Mailbird. The following review will help shed more light on this software, its features, capabilities and most importantly, it’s scaled down version: Mailbird light

What is Mailbird?

This software can be described as an email software specifically created to operate within the windows platform. It is compatible with some of the latest versions of windows such as Windows and can support different types of email accounts: such as IMAP and POP3

What is the main difference between Mailbird and Mailbird Lite?

These 2 software are one and the same but with one major difference, the Mailbird is a fully paid and licensed version of this software while the Lite version is a free version for those who might not be interested in a fully purchased version of the software

The free: Lite, version usually starts off with a free 30 day trial period during which an individual enjoys the full features of this software without any payment. After the 30-day trial period elapses, one is given the option of upgrading to Mailbird Pro so as to continue using the full version of the software.

If the software is not upgraded after the 30-day free trial period, it is usually downgraded to the Lite version which has limited functionality when compared to the Free or Pro version

With Mailbird Lite, you have the capacity to manage Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and iCloud accounts as well as IMAP and POP3 enabled accounts. However, one can only use 3 email accounts with the Lite version and some of the features available in the Pro and Free versions are not available with the Lite version


Some of the features available with Mailbird include

· Multi-account support including both IMAP and POP3 account support

· Integrated messaging applications that makes sending and receiving emails and other forms of communications more easier

· Task management apps that have been built-in within the software

· Integrated calendar based applications for organization and planning

· Personalization features that give individuals the capacity to personalize the app appearance and layout as per their preference

· Advanced touch support in the event one is using a touch device

· High security feature which includes email encryption

· Connection to social media platforms and instant access

· Excellent customer care support

Mailbird is considered as one of the best mail apps available in the market and as such, comes highly recommended


Thunderbird is an open source email client developed by Mozilla Foundation. Version 1.0 of the email client was released on 7th December, 2004. Mozilla modeled their email client after their browser and users can attest to their similarities. It had more than 1 million downloads within the first week of its launch and still enjoys a massive fan base till date. Thunderbird comes bundled with essential features such as quick search, RSS feed reader and spam filter. The email client is actively maintained by Mozilla and aims to be the top email client. It is available on all major platforms and integrates easily with major email service providers. Its features a simplified setup wizard that guides users with non-technical skills on how to securely configure the email client.

Thunderbird seeks to improve its user’s protection through junk protection. Junk protection protects users from phishing and infected attachments. Junk mail tools are constantly improved to ensure users are a step ahead from hackers. The inbuilt anti-phishing features uses a collective analysis methods to protect the users from junk mail which can compromise security of the emails. Mozilla aims at giving users the best email experience and included key features such as:


– Tabbed email – Tabs help users to conveniently navigate through their open emails. Instead of constantly opening and closing emails, users can open each email in their own tab. This helps users open multiple emails in their individual tabs and seamlessly navigate through them.
– Quick search – Users can search effortlessly through their emails thanks to the email client’s quick search tools. Searching through the emails has been a painfully slow process for those with tons of emails.

– Message management – Thunderbird supports multiple profiles within the application with news feed support and can manage multiple emails.

– Extensions and themes – Extensions help improve the functionality of the email client. Users can find extensions from Mozilla’s add-an store. Themes change the overall look of Thunderbird and make it more appealing for the user.

– Smart folders – Smart folders help organize emails according to their categories which makes access to the emails easier. Users can add markers to the emails and they will be sorted into folders.

– Multiple protocol support – Email protocols such as IMAP and POP are supported. LDAP (Light Directory Address Protocol) is also supported which is important for the transmission of emails through Intranet and the Internet. The in-built RSS reader uses a simple news aggregator to read news articles. The Installation wizard makes it easy to configure the protocols and access your emails.

eM Client

Windows users have the advantage of a wide selection of software they can use on their computers. The different software available work differently or in a related manner for a specific need. However, there might be a time you will need to check on your preferences before you choose the software to use on your computer. In this article, I will talk about the eM Client, an email client for your Windows computer.

What is eM Client?
This is a computer application that brings the power of email to your computer in a more intuitive manner. It helps you to manage all your email accounts in one place. Apart from email, the application also supports other services like contacts management, tasks, and calendar. The software also incorporates the power of live chat to compliment the use of email.

This single software is designed to bring you all the power of many mail and chat clients in one place. It supports all the major email systems. The email providers supported by this client include Gmail, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Smartermail, among others.

eM Client Features:
The power of all your email needs in one single software does not just end there. There are many attractive features that will help you get going and offer you proper mail management on your PC. Some of these features include:

1. Conversation View:
When you want to easily find an email you sent or received on a given date, it sometimes becomes a tedious task if you usually send out email heavily. With the conversation view, it is much simpler. This is because you can manage your messages according to the recipient or contact you had sent your messages.

2. Quick Text:
Sometimes you are in a hurry and want to respond to that email as fast as you can. It might not be as easy as it is supposed to be. However, if you have predefined text to send, it can work great for you. The quick text feature allows you to create text snippets you can easily insert into the email text body field by pressing a single button. This works great for conversations that may involve FAQs.

3. Delayed Sending:
This feature allows you to set up a specific time and date to send out the email. It is great if you want to send out a promotional email to your subscribers’ list. By the use of this feature, you can be sure that all your email can be sent at the accurate time while you concentrate on other issues.

4. Mail Translation:
Sometimes you might receive an email from a foreign language speaker. It is not easy to handle such emails and to react to their instructions or requests in time. However, with the eM Client, you can easily translate the text by just a single button click. This feature increases efficiency in your workplace.

101 Mailing List Remover V2.0

Have you been manually removing opt-out email addresses from your lists? Well, your troubles are over. This program was developed to automate the time-consuming chore of manually removing the opt-out addresses (email addresses of those who have requested to be removed) from your mailing lists. Responsible bulk emailing has become very important these days, therefore the need to honor remove requests has never been more necessary. In the past, email marketers have had to manually remove these requests one by one from their lists. Not any more. Based on customer feedback we developed a program to automatically process these remove requests.

Key Features

Has a professional and simple user interface so that everyone can set it up in few minutes.
Automate the removal of opt-out email addresses from your mailing lists
You can specify whether or not delete emails from mail server while downloading the removal requests.
Only download the mail header, so the speed is very fast.
No more worrying about accidentally downloading email viruses from angry complainers.
Helps you run a responsible bulk email campaign by honoring remove requests immediately.
No more reading nasty complaints from flamers or loading up your inbox with remove requests.
Specify number of “max search levels” according to how “deep” you wish to spider.
Updates your removal lists on the fly, keeping them updated even if your connection is dropped.

101 Email Address Extractor V2.23

101 Email Address Extractor is a software designed to directly search email addresses from mail servers. It can verify all user names that you specified on the mail server.The program tries to connect with a specail SMTP server and simulates sending the message. It does not come to the message sending, in fact, it disconnect as soon as mail server informs that this address exist or not.The program is multi-threaded that provides the high speed of verifying and allows to regulate the network traffic and your machine loading. Using this software, you can get lots of email addresses from any email server, such as, etc on the fly.

Key Features

Search Email Addresses directly from any SMTP Server.
Auto detect the max email verifying session for a single connection limited by current SMTP Server.
Multi-threaded application allows up to 500 simultaneous email search threads.The normal search speed can up to 1500 emails per minute.
Support saving current search status to a project file so that you can resume later.
Two search types including enumeration and dictionary-file search.
Export search results to plain text file which can be used by common bulk mailers.
Has the ability to reconnect to the mail server if the server has disconnected and continue the searching at the point where it has been interrupted.
Has an ergonomic interface that is easy to set up and simple to use.

101 Email Address Spider V3.28

101 Email Address Spider is a very professional high speed targeted email extractor tool. It is designed to collect email addresses matching your query from the Internet,you can start a search from any user specific web address-URL too. It does not depend upon any additional software the way that many email extractors depend on Internet Explorer. 101 Email Address Spider is a very fast program and supports multi-threaded page loading. It requires very few machine resources while running. 101 Email Address Spider can operate on any computer running Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP with a functioning connection to the internet.

101 Email Address Spider provides a variety of filters for scanning web pages. You can limit the scanning depth and paths to html files. The program is flexible and easy to use. In most cases all that is needed to get results is to enter a valid URL.

With 101 Email Address Spider extracting addresses is as easy as using an internet search engine. Type in the desired keywords and it begins searching the web extracting email addresses from any page containing those words. With this tool, you can easily and quickly set up your own business mailing lists.

Key Features

Search using specific Key words through popular search engines.Integrated tightly with top search engines and directories like Google, AOL and MSN etc.
Searches nearly any WWW URL, including search engines, usenet newsgroups, BBS, trade message boards, even those generated on-the-fly by dynamic CGI, PHP, ASP, etc.
Multi-threaded application allows up to 500 simultaneous email extraction threads.The normal search speed can up to 500 emails per minute.
Can start Search from any user specific web address-URL.
Extract any style email addresses, not just “mailto” addresses.
Auto-remove duplicate or invalid syntax email addresses while extracting.
Optional extract email addresses with only the same domain name as currently being spidered.
Specify number of “max search levels” according to how “deep” you wish to spider.
Optional “include only” certain keywords for email extraction.
Optional “exclude only” certain keywords for email extraction.
Suport search level reset.
Timeout feature allows user to limit the amount of time crawling in dead sites and traps.
Search status Saving. Once your project is interupted, you can resume it easily.
Easier to learn and use than any other email address collector program available.

Handymailer – Your Complete Email Marketing Solution

Handymailer is the best-in-class email marketing software that empowers you to design and send personalized HTML messages, email marketing campaigns, newsletters, e-zines and promotions quickly and easily. It also helps you build your own opt-in subscriber lists, manage email bounces & unsubscribes automatically. Handymailer provides organizations and individuals with a flexible, cost-effective and valuable means of reaching subscribers, customers and prospects. It also helps you boost sales, generate leads, build trust and increase website traffic.

Handymailer works with or without SMTP servers. You may use the built-in mailing engine for direct sending or use one or more external SMTP servers to deliver your message. You may also let Handymailer send your message directly first, if direct sending fails, then use the backup SMTP servers to send the message again, this ensures your messages are delivered. The Outlook-like visual (WYSIWYG) HTML message composer makes it easy for non-technical users to create eye-catching, professional-looking HTML messages. You may also import html files directly into Handymailer, including those built using Dreamweaver, FrontPage, or other web-design tools or even from the Internet. Whether you are new to email marketing or a seasoned email marketing veteran, you’ll find Handymailer an incredibly easy and powerful email marketing software to use.

Key Features

The following advantages and differences make Handymailer the best program in its class,

Outlook-like visual (WYSIWYG) HTML Message Composer
Personalization features to address your email recipients by name
Message format in HTML, Plain-Text, or Both
Three message delivery modes, with or without SMTP servers
Subscription processing, build your own opt-in contact lists
Handle email bounces including both hard and soft bounce
Unsubscribe handling, remove unsubscribe contacts automatically
Load Balance between multiple SMTP servers
Fast email delivery with up to 512 concurrent threads
Import local HTML messages directly or web pages from Internet
Support for Inline/embedded images and file attachments
Support for HTML Email background images/sound
Test and manually approve each message before it’s sent
Edit mailing at any time whether it is a draft or has been launched
Copy existing mailing project with just one click
Support for international character sets and languages
And much more …

If you’re familiar with MS Outlook or using a word processor to edit documents, then you have all the skills and experience needed to start using Handymailer!

Claws Mail

Claws Mail is a secure, lightweight mail client as well as a news reader that is based on GTK+, making the customization aspect an especially noteworthy advantage. Designed to be user-friendly, quick as well as stable, it also features additional functions such as a: RSS aggregator, calendar, and laptop LED handling, as well as numerous others that can all be downloaded via extra plugins. For users looking for something that is simplistic that offers a multi-lingual experience as well as the ability to customize multiple accounts, then this may be the mail client for them.

To provide a little history, Claws Mail was originally a fork of Sylpheed and was, at the time, called Sylpheed Claws. It added exciting new features to the original program and fed them back into the original project as much as possible. Eventually, Sylpheed and Sylpheed Claws diverged into to two separate entities and are not completely different programs, with Claws Mail continuing to evolve from its original features.

Native to Linux distributions and platforms initially, Claws Mail also offers a Windows port with its most current update at version 3.8. The newest version, no matter what format you get it in, works as a fantastic and simplistic setup with customization options that far exceed the often stringent rules of Outlook. Along with its easy accessibility, this simplistic mail client also does a fantastic job of handling return addresses when configured with multiple accounts by automatically using the address that the email was initially sent to.

While it offers no email integration via Outlook or Thunderbird, workarounds with various plugins have been found that help negate this issue. Claws Mail itself imports and exports in mbox email formats, which are not found outside of Linux typically. Again, there are workarounds for this via the ImportExportTools add-on for Thunderbird. If exporting from Outlook, users will have to export to Thunderbird first and then use the add-on. The process is worth it for the full customization and fluidity of a fully configured Claws Mail client, however.

From its native Linux, this light-weight and flexible mail client has continue to grow as a competitor to other mail clients such as Thunderbird and Outlook. It continues to see more updates, features and extensions, and is sure to keep improving as time goes on. For those looking for a good alternative, Claws Mail is most definitely worth giving a chance.