101 Mailing List Remover V2.0

Have you been manually removing opt-out email addresses from your lists? Well, your troubles are over. This program was developed to automate the time-consuming chore of manually removing the opt-out addresses (email addresses of those who have requested to be removed) from your mailing lists. Responsible bulk emailing has become very important these days, therefore the need to honor remove requests has never been more necessary. In the past, email marketers have had to manually remove these requests one by one from their lists. Not any more. Based on customer feedback we developed a program to automatically process these remove requests.

Key Features

Has a professional and simple user interface so that everyone can set it up in few minutes.
Automate the removal of opt-out email addresses from your mailing lists
You can specify whether or not delete emails from mail server while downloading the removal requests.
Only download the mail header, so the speed is very fast.
No more worrying about accidentally downloading email viruses from angry complainers.
Helps you run a responsible bulk email campaign by honoring remove requests immediately.
No more reading nasty complaints from flamers or loading up your inbox with remove requests.
Specify number of “max search levels” according to how “deep” you wish to spider.
Updates your removal lists on the fly, keeping them updated even if your connection is dropped.